What Do You Seek? Is it Love?
Spiritual enlightenment is the awareness that we are love.
What we seek in the external world is a mere reflection of our true nature.
When we know we are love, then love finds its way into our lives.
One of the primary feelings of healing is to first love ourselves unconditionally.
When we find that connection within ourselves, then that feeling of love will spread to other parts of our life.

You’ll cultivate healthy relationships.
You’ll build confidence.
You’ll feel a sense of freedom.

Create change in your life where you need to.
Enjoy doing the work.
It will be hard and shitty at times.
But, that's OK. This sparks growth, excitement and passion. 
I promise, it's worth it!

Finding balance between work and ease, pushing and giving, teachers us 
about our limits.

Can your create ebb and flow?
Do you know when to say NO?
Do you say YES out of guilt?
Do you truly know how to honor your self-care?

Create healthy patterns in your life. 
By doing this you create more vitality.
More vitality allows us to be less stressed.
Hence, bringing more joy and pleasure into our lives. 

We are all unique and have something magical to share with the world.
Don't ever sell yourself short. .
YOU.... That’s what makes the world a special place.
Be you. Live life. Love life. It's really a true gift. 

Live Free in Recovery


Sheri Matthews


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