Finding Authentic Freedom 
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Hi Beautiful Souls! I'm Sheri!

ADDICTION, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, GUILT – Any of these words resonate?

YEP! I get ya! Well I hope this blog, community, and club can shine a little light in your life. I want you to find authentic freedom and confidence through movement, mindset, and self-care. Rule #1 is we can’t be too damn hard on ourselves. Life is fucking crazy enough without us making it even crazier. Rule #2 is you got to live life one day at a time. Might sound a little cliche, but it’s the truth. Be present, show up present, stay present. We only have today and that’s the God awful truth. Rule #3 is fuck the rules! LOL! I’m kidding, BUT I don’t live my life by rules as much as I do intention.

A little about me so ya know… I’m the founder of Live Free in Recovery. I’m a lover of life and a mom to five crazy chihuahuas. I have a twisted sense of humor (maybe not always appropriate), but you can’t win them all and I love to laugh. I love to cook and travel, and have fun creating tasty mocktails at home.

I've taught yoga for 15 years and been practicing 25 yrs. I’m an E-RYT 500 hour Yoga Teacher, a certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, a certified Y12SR Yoga in Recovery Teacher, a five time cancer survivor and a recovery warrior. Living life to the fullest is my passion because I truly understand how hard it is to recover. Not only from addiction, but cancer and surgeries as well.

I don’t believe anything is one size fits all. I think we need to try any and everything that feels good and fuels our heart and soul. Teaching and sharing yoga, meditation, mindfulness, wellness, recovery tools and a healthy lifestyle is my jam. Helping people find relief from addiction, PTSD, trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression is a blessing and I NEVER take that for granted. I thrive on finding a sense of balance through laughter and humor even when we’re moving through our darkest and toughest times.

I hope you stick around! Whatever your journey is, it’s always easier when you have a community of badass babes behind you. Live Free. Love Life. Namaste. To Living Free in Recovery!


Sheri Matthews

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