Help the Monkey Mind in Recovery
Taking care of our thoughts and our minds is just as important as taking care of our bodies in recovery. Everything in our lives is controlled by our minds. Kind of a scary thought… but true.
This includes our ability to think, and think clearly. Maintain positive thoughts and a positive outlook. Keep life in check and things into perspective. Most of all make good choices that are in alignment with our higher self and higher power.

Mindfulness Meditation is one of the best ways to clear out the cob webs and cultivate a peaceful environment. We need this when we are in recovery. Especially early recovery. We are trying to process so many different things and the work that we are doing can be extremely intense. When you sit and have nothing to do and no where to go, it forces you to practice being present. This can actually feel a little awkward or uncomfortable for some at first… But trust me it’s gets so much easier. When you're living in the present you can let go of fear, worry, and anxiety. You can forget about your to-do list, your amends you need to make, and focus strictly on your self-care.

Mindfulness meditation creates space in our minds and love on our hearts. It allows us to let go of our ego and the struggles that hold us back. We can create space for happiness and healing. In recovery that's one of the main things we are striving for. Finding the joy we once had, but addiction took that away.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silent the mind.”  ~Caroline Myss

To clear the Monkey Mind… Mindfulness Meditation goes like this…

1) Find a comfortable seat, and adjust your position so your upright. Feel free to even use a wall if you need extra support for your back. Allow yourself to adjust and get comfortable, but not to comfy because you don’t want to get sleepy.

2) Close your eyes and draw the attention inward. Maybe you’ve heard the expression… focus on your third eye, right between the eyebrows.

3) Start to concentrate on the breath.  Notice on the inhales the belly rises, and the exhales the belly contracts.  

4) Open your awareness to any sensations you’re experiencing and the sounds around you. Depending on where you’re meditating – outside or inside your space. Listen for birds, people, cars, the ocean If you're home it might be the silence or maybe some soft music in the background. Just pleasantly be aware of them without focusing on them.

5) You’ll notice your mind might tend to wander and that’s OK. When it does, just bring your attention back inward, back to the sounds you hear.

6) Try and sit for as long as you can. Keeping your mind as calm as possible. Start with 10-15 minutes a day and work up to 20-30 if you really enjoy it. The more you practice, the longer you'll be able to sit comfortably and still and be able to maintain your mental focus.

Mindfulness meditation might seem tricky at first, but that’s because we are not used to sitting still. You are not trying to achieve anything and you’re having to concentrate on being comfortable and content with your own presence. Extremely different than being in active addiction. Stick with it and try and create a consistent practice. Overtime you will truly start to experience the benefits meditation has to offer. You will not want to go a day without it!!

Create a scared space dedicated to meditation. Set up some pillows, or a cushion. Bring in some incense, candles, or a diffuser for essential oils. Maybe some stones or crystals. Anything that you think will help you get in the zone. Leave the sweet little pets outside of the space, and any other distractions that might take away from getting in your Zen Zone. 

Most importantly… Enjoy this experience!
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

Live Free in Recovery


Sheri Matthews


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