Bring on the Zen Baby
Do you think you could end the Negativity for good?
C'mon lets be real for a minute...
No matter how hard you try, you're never going to be able to rid your life of every little things that annoys you. 

I've tried! LOL! And to be honest it causes more frustration. 

Let's breakdown some common daily struggles and how we find our Zen through all of them. 
We all deal with the day to day struggles in life.
That’s just it… It’s life. 
The highs and lows. The good and bad.
It's going to happen to us no matter what and I look at that as a gift. We woke up today. We are breathing. We are alive. We are working on recovery. That's a blessing!
But, what’s important is how we face each situation that’s thrown our way. 
Are we going to be reactive and angry?
Or, can we take a moment to pause and breathe before we speak?

There are simple things that we can do to honor our self-care, and that allow us to cultivate more zen in our lives.

This might be through movement, meditation, yoga, exercise, food, hydration, sleep, recovery, meetings, and so on.

By adding in a few of these tools you’ll notice very quickly how you start to feel more aware. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness allow us to live life more present.
When we start to practice yoga (our asana) we automatically start to feel better. 
When this happens then we eat better.
We sleep better.
We want to make better choices in life.

Add in your meditation practice, and life becomes quiet and clear.
Your head feels clear.
You’re more present.
The outside chatter starts to quiet.

Mindfulness ties all this together,
When your mindful, your less reactive.
You think before you speak.
You show up bigger and brighter in the world.

If we really just take time to pause and breathe before we react - our life will be a lot more peaceful. There are so many things happening around us and to us on the daily, but how we choose to process it all is up to us. 

I choose to see the glass half full instead of half empty.
I know I can't control everything around me, but what I can control is the part I play in it. 
Recovery and staying sober is hard enough. Last thing we need in our lives is extra stress and triggers that affect our sobriety. 

Zen on Baby! Live Free in Recovery! 


Sheri Matthews


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