Tired of Feeling Stuck?
Are you tired of feeling stuck?  
How many times a day to you get down on yourself? 
When you think about all the things you did to yourself or those in your life in active addiction. 
Fuck!! I have too many stories to count. You? 
And by down on yourself I mean… you say things to yourself that you would never say to your worst enemy. 
I was guilty of this for years! I lived many years of my life through guilt, shame and even self-sabotage. Carrying old traumas from my past, and never being able to let go of the past. 
It’s that constant inner dialogue or inner critic that’s the worst. 
Or, as I like to say… Our ego. 
Our ego is not our amigo. LOL! 

Why do we do this? It’s a defense mechanism. It’s that constant bullshit story we tell ourselves over and over again. The story that holds us back from creating a life we love, desire and deserve.
That inner voice or our ego keeps us in jobs we’re not satisfied with, relationships that are toxic, it keeps us in active addiction, and we continue to repeat the same unhealthy habits over and over again! 

It’s not the outside world that stops us from doing great things. It’s that inside voice that does. 
You can’t live in the past. We can’t predict the future. What we can do is be present and live our lives in the present moment.
Take time to listen, and feel, and love, and be grateful for every single moment we have right now…. In the now! This is everything! And this is all we have. 

When you make peace with your inner voice – you step into your confidence. 
Confidence gives you your power back. Confidence is sexy.
It unleashes your potential and allows you to show up and be the best damn version of yourself every single day.

You stop making excuses.
You let go of the fear.
You start to feel free.

My intention for you is to make peace with your inner voice. To make peace with your past. What can you do to feel confident? In your mind, body, and soul? 

To stop listening to your ego.  
To let go of fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety.
To get excited about life again?
Excited to see change.
To rise above all that you've been through.
To not only show up for yourself, but everyone else in your life.
To love who you are.
To feel good in your skin.
To feel fabulous, fearless, and free. 
You deserve this!
Don't ever except anything less. 
You don't have to!

Live Free in Recovery


Sheri Matthews


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