5 Warning Signs You Have a Problem with Alcohol
Am I an alcoholic? Have you ever asked yourself that question? If so, you're definitely not alone. Not everyone has to hit a rock bottom before they stop drinking. In todays society they glamorize alcohol. They make it look sexy and cool, but in reality all we are doing is putting poison in our bodies. There is nothing sexy about having chronic hangovers, being dehydrated all the time, lack of sleep, and stripped of our joy. I used to drink to decompress from my day. To relieve my anxiety. But all I was actually doing is making my anxiety worse, as well as my depression. 

Here are 5 Warning Signs You Might Have an Alcohol Problem

1) You're constantly thinking about it.
Do you wake up in the morning thinking about when you'll have your next drink? Are you thinking about ways you can drink before having to get home for dinner and family time? Are you planning your day around drinking?

2) You've started to drink more. 
Think about how your pattern with alcohol is now versus where it was 6 months or a year ago. Does it take more for you to feel that buzz that alcohol gives you?

3) You have a hard time stopping?
No one likes to hear last call. Or, how many times have you said I'll just have one more? Then that one more turns into 4, 5, or 6 more. If you're constantly breaking these promises to yourself, you might need help managing your alcohol.

4) You're self-medicating.
When you're feeling anxious or depressed are you reaching for alcohol instead of trying yoga, meditation, getting out in nature, etc. If you're not actively seeking treatment for anxiety or depression, or any other mental health issue I would encourage you to do so. 

5) Your personality changes. 
Do you turn into a totally different person when you drink? Are you more outgoing, aggressive, or even combative? Do your thoughts become reckless? These are all red flags that alcohol is impacting your life in a negative way. 

Try taking a break from alcohol for 30 days as a way to explore how much of an impact it has in your life. Be mindful of cravings, shakes, or even seizures. Depending on the amount of alcohol you're consuming - quitting cold turkey can be very dangerous. If any of this hits home I would definitely consider consulting a doctor ASAP. 

Live Free in Recovery


Sheri Matthews


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