5 Tips to Simplify Your Life
Do you just want to simplify your life?
Especially in Recovery? 
I get it! 
Life is crazy and hectic, and when we are trying to get sober it's even crazier.
We have to make ourselves a priority, but we also have responsibilities to uphold with our families, etc. 
Plus, it doesn’t help that as a society today we tend to complicate everything.
Well… what can we do to simplify our lives? Or, just make it a little more exciting. In early sobriety we feel like we are giving up everything, but that couldn't be further from the truth. 
That’s what I want to share with you today.
This might seem pretty basic, but that’s just it – We need to stick to some old school basics to stay consistent, have some fun and care for ourselves. 

Let's Go.......

Stop and Smell the Roses:
Stop and chat!
Say Hello to a stranger. Hold the door for someone.
Buy someone a cup of coffee.
Throw out some compliments. Make someone else smile.
Let your vibe be infectious!
I’ve met the most interesting people through travel, eating out, etc, just by striking up random conversations.
Do let fear hold you back from having a little fun.
Step out of your comfort zone.
This will definitely help you destress!
It's easy to get stuck in the sober (Pink Cloud) of living, but we have to realize that there is life outside of our safe sober spaces. 

Give your mind and body a chance to unplug, decompress, and do something that feels good.
Get outside, breathe in some fresh air, do some yoga, meditate, prepare a beautiful meal.
Or you can – read a good book, take a salt bath, even organize a closet.
Don’t put a lot of pressure on this.
Just have some fun! Decluttering and cleaning out our spaces is very freeing. In sobriety it's nice to get rid of the old, so you can welcome the new and improved you. 
Your email and phones will be waiting for you, but you mind will be thanking you.

Celebrate Yourself:
Start celebrating yourself daily. In recovery and outside of recovery.
Any and every accomplishment – Big or Small.
Sobriety, finishing a book, painting a room, trying a new recipe that you nail, starting a new exercise routine, exploring meditation, making amends.... It all counts! 
Make yourself a priority.
Don’t make excuses anymore. You deserve to be number one. 
Whatever you want – Know you deserve it and go for it! 

I know! I know! I talk about this constantly.
Start a meditation practice.
This will change your life – I promise.
Start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 20 or even 30.
Get clear, quiet the mind, be present, find inner peace and stillness, and let go of stress and anxiety.
Your mind and body will thank you for this!! 
This is one of the best tools to have in our sober spiritual toolbox. 

Make a List:
Instead of making a to-do list of all the things YOU have to do – Make a life list.
Write down all the things you want in life.
Write down what excites you.
Write down your thoughts and feelings.
Write down what inspires you. 
Write down where you want to travel.
Write down your passions.
Write down all the restaurants you want to try. 
Write down all the books you want to read. 

Remember to love yourself unconditionally:
You’re the only one who can create change in your life. And your already doing that in sobriety. This is everything! It not easy.
Where do you need to create shifts?
What makes you happy?
Do you feel stuck? If so, ask yourself-Why?
Hang out with positive people.
People that lift you up and never tear you down.
And – Don’t listen to the naysayers.
They are that way because they’re not ready to create change in their own lives.

You deserve happiness, joy and love in your life.

Live Free in Recovery


Sheri Matthews


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